Watch video highlights of last year’s participating countries.

Note: This page is updated weekly. Some of the videos might not be available yet and will only be uploaded right after the show ends.
Feb. 13, 2016: Philippines and Portugal
No video yet Philippines (Platinum Fireworks, Inc.)

No video yet Portugal (Luso Pirotecnia)
Feb. 20, 2016: Italy and United Kingdom
No video yet Italy (Parente Fireworks)

No video yet United Kingdom (Pyrotex Fireworkx Ltd.)
Feb. 27, 2016: USA and The Netherlands
No video yet USA (Atlas Pyrovision)

No video yet The Netherlands (Royal Fireworks)
March 5, 2016: Germany and Canada
No video yet Germany (Steffes-OligFeurwerk)

No video yet Canada (Fireworks Spectaculars)
March 12, 2016: Australia and China
No video yet Australia (Skylighter Fireworx)

No video yet China (Polaris Fireworks)
March 19, 2016: France and Philippines
No video yet France (Brezac Artefeces)

No video yet Philippines (Platinum Fireworks, Inc.)